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Preventative Maintenance Programs-

You can’t afford for your equipment to be down. To keep your machine running consistently and accurately, invest in a preventative maintenance program. For just dollars a day per machine you can reduce downtime and extend the life of your equipment. Ask about our payment plans...

- 50 Point Inspection

- Detailed Report

- Repair Recommendations

- Filter Coolant, Clean Tank & Wash Down Interior of Machine (Smart SuperJet)

- Full Geometry Adjustment

- Ball-bar Test

- Laser Certification

- Parts Discount- 10%

- Service Travel Discount- 50% (Texas Companies)

Custom Onsite Training -

This training is scheduled on an as-needed basis and consists of training specific to the particular customer's needs. The length and cost of the training will be determined based on how much material the customer wants to cover. Please call to discuss your needs.